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From acquisition to automaticity: The Reflex solution for math fact mastery

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Introduction to math fact fluency

Math fact fluency refers to the ability to recall the basic facts in all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) accurately, quickly and effortlessly. When students achieve mastery (automaticity), they are able to retrieve math facts from long-term memory without conscious effort or attention. Through automaticity, students can devote more time and effort to problem solving and learning new concepts and skills.

Extensive research shows math fact fluency plays a critical role in students’ success in elementary mathematics and beyond. The NCTM, National Math Advisory Panel, and other major educational organizations have all recently highlighted math fact fluency as a central pillar of every student’s mathematics education. Yet research also shows that traditional fluency development methods such as flashcards and worksheets do not adequately support struggling students.

Studies find that when provided an efficient and effective approach to fluency development, students can master their math facts in all four operations through a series of short practice sessions. Educators only need to devote a small part of classroom time to fluency development to preserve students’ solid foundation of fact mastery.

How Reflex helps with math fact mastery

ExploreLearning Reflex® is a next generation math fact fluency development system that:

Covers the complete process of fact mastery, from initial acquisition of previously unknown facts through to automaticity.

Continuously differentiates instruction and adapts practice to each student’s current ability and needs, throughout the entire session.

Generates a fun, motivational environment for students, one that encourages frequent use and reinforces the connection between effort and success in mathematics.

Provides educators with intuitive, insightful reports to monitor fluency gains and system usage.

Read the full whitepaper for even more details about the research-proven methods and innovative online technology Reflex uses to help all students be math fact fluent.

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