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Grade 4 State Test Pass Rates Rise with Reflex

A study of grade 4 students found those who regularly used Reflex significantly outperformed statewide peers in mathematics on their grade 4 state assessment.

Program Overview

During the 2012-2013 school year, students from six Charlottesville City Schools (CCS), Virginia, had access to Reflex in their math program. The study examined a group of 40 grade 4 students who used Reflex for at least 40 days (mean usage of 45.6 days). The grade 3 (2012) and grade 4 (2013) state Standards of Learning math test pass rates for this group were then compared to the corresponding statewide averages.

The Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) math test is an annual assessment that measures what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade or course. SOL math testing begins in grade 3 and continues through grade 8.

Student Growth Comparison

2012 SOL math test results indicated the Reflex-using students started out roughly on par with their statewide peers. 62.5% passed the grade 3 test in 2012 compared to 64% of students statewide.

After the 2013 SOL test, the year in which the 40 students used Reflex extensively, the two groups diverged substantially. 84% of Reflex-using students passed the grade 4 test in 2013 compared to 74% of students statewide.

The pass rate change for the Reflex-using students grew 22.5 percentage points between the grade 3 and 4 — more than twice the state average change of 10 percentage points.

Group 2012 SOL
2013 SOL
CCS 4th Graders 40+ Days Usage 62.5% 85% 22.5%
Grade 4 Statewide Average 64% 74% 10%