Test Scores Improve with Reflex

Across multiple grade levels and assessments, students who use Reflex are scoring higher and growing faster than their peers. See the specific impact Reflex had on state and national standardized test scores and pass rates in four featured case studies.

Reflex Success Story

Denika Gum slide

How I Unlocked the Potential of My Sixth Graders Through Math Fact Fluency

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Amazing Results

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  • Elementary
  • Middle/High
  • Title 1
  • Special Ed

Elementary School Case Studies

Elementary schools that use Reflex are reporting phenomenal fluency gains and increased excitement about math.

Middle and High School Case Studies

Reflex is helping middle and high school students to improve their fact fluency and preparing them to succeed in higher level mathematics.

Title 1 Case Studies

Reflex helps to close the gap for at-risk students by providing them with a solid foundation and increased belief in their own abilities.

Special Education Case Studies

Reflex is a highly individualized program that helps students of all ability levels to increase both their math fact fluency and their self confidence.

  • Elementary School • Grade 3 Students

    See why math scores are going up with Reflex.

    Chester School District, New York

    “Our children's math scores are going up on the NWEA test... My goal here is that children will leave 5th grade on their game with math facts.”

    — Principal
    Chester School District, New York

    • Title I Elementary School • Grade 3 Students

      See how kids' confidence in math grows with Reflex.

      Charlottesville City Schools, Virginia

      “They come in with this knowledge that ‘I'm not good at math. I can't do it.’ And one of the things that Reflex has done for them is to show them that, ‘yes you can.’

      — 3rd Grade Teacher
      Charlottesville City Schools, Virginia

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